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Welcome to 1RPM!

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Firstly, I would like to thank you for exploring my site, One Revolution Per Minute (1RPM). As a high schooler and a collegiate athlete, I wanted to learn more about what I was getting myself into when I ventured into the endurance realm of sports. So, I wanted to share some of them with you and share my journey through the endurance world through 1RPM.

Who is "AP Sheshy"?

That's me! "AP Sheshy" is a simple abbreviation of my full name. Long ago when I was involved with competitive gymnastics, Coach Dan just started calling me "Sheshy" during practices. Later on, my swim coaches picked up on the nickname, and it's been stuck with me ever since.

I've bounced from sport to sport as kid: gymnastics, swimming, tennis, a dash of volleyball, horseback riding and running. Cross Country running ended up being one of my favorite sports once I hit high school, but I had to take a break due to a condition called hip dysplasia. I ended up have 2 hip surgeries, which didn't line up with the cross country seasons well. And to be honest, I thought I was going to be done with sports once I was in college. In my first year of university, I started swimming every once in a while and going to spin and yoga classes to stay active, but I was thinking about running again. Once I arrived at BU as a sophomore, I joined their triathlon club team and cycling team. 3 years later, here I am, still grinding away.

What to Expect

While I've dabbled in blogging before, this is still relatively new to me. I will be posting about training, work/study/life balance, psychology and mental health, and many other things relating to the busy life of triathletes and endurance enthusiasts.

I will have 2 series of blog posts: one is called "All About..." where I dive into specifics about my gear or lifestyle; and the second series is titled "Daily Battles," which dives into certain topics such as motivation, mental health, and balancing training with other commitments. If there's anything specific you would like for me to talk about, reach out to me on my social media or message me using the contact form. I will do my best to provide resources and links to my references that I use to research for my posts by leaving them below each post. You can sign up to receive notifications about recent blog posts by signing up here and signing up in the newsletter sign up box.

Thanks again for diving in head first with me and here's to more RPMs!

-Anna P Shveshkeyev (aka AP Sheshy)


None today! But you can keep exploring my site or check out my Instagram @apsheshy. Happy Training!



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