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Voting Resources Nov 2022

General Info

8th Nov 2022 is the mid-term elections for the United States. There will be congressional seats on the federal and state level open, as well as local elections. In addition, ballots may include local or state policies and/or amendments, so take the time to understand the implications.

Do your due diligence when using these resources and the internet in general when doing your research. Some resources, such as Ballotpedia, are just stepping stones or have bite sized pieces of information that help you find additional information that will help you make your decision. 

All government sites end with ".gov"

If a site that claims to be an official government site and does not have ".gov" at the end, it is NOT an official government site. 

Resources or where to find information for everyone:
  • Ballotpedia

  • Local Public Radio Station

  • Local Government Website for​​​

    • Current County representatives and positions

    • County Ballot Measures

    • City/Town Ballot Measures

  • State Government Website for​

    • State Ballot Measures​

    • Current State representatives and positions

    • Judicial Performance


Resources for Colorado:

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