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2019 Race Season (Part 1)

So I've been keeping my race season under wraps, mostly because I hadn't worked out most of the logistics, especially for the latter part of the season. Racing triathlon is expensive, and as working student athlete, it can be stressful to manage at times. But more of that on another day.

This year, I've decided to try my hand on long-distance triathlon, specifically the half distance. Initially, I wasn't entirely sure if I was ready to do a half-distance triathlon, considering all of the hip, shoulder and back issues that keep popping up. But as my coach said, with proper training and progression, I will be able to race the distance. With that, plus some more pondering and the narrow window of time to register at a lower price, I clicked the "Register" button and I am training full-steam ahead to 70.3 IRONMAN Connecticut.

To supplement my training, and to add some sub-goals/checkpoints to my training plan, I have a couple of smaller races between now and June 2nd.

- Hyannis Marathon Relay

- Shamrock Half Marathon (my first half marathon)

- Quabbin Road Race and/or Hatfield Road Race

Since the end of my short season last year, I honestly can't wait to toe the start line again. While it's hard to say what's going to happen from June 2nd onwards, because my current situation is in a constant state of flux, it's going to be a very exciting year with new distances and different race.s. I'll post another race schedule update once I have a better picture of the latter half of the season, as well as post-race overviews.

That's all from me this week! Now, it's time to get back to work!

Happy Training!




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